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What is success?

You’re at a crossroads in your career. You have or had a great job. You know you perform well but you feel it might be time for something new. But what? And how to decide? What do you really want to do and how much more are you capable of achieving? You want to find your way to your future, and as quickly as possible.


We offer a programme that enables you to find the correct path quickly and effectively. You will be away from home for a week, away from your normal environment and its pressures. You’ll be in the French countryside undertaking intensive personal work as well as enjoying diverse activities and fun moments. Four experienced and accredited coaches will guide and challenge you alongside a maximum of five other participants.

The programme begins on Sunday afternoon at London St. Pancras and ends on Friday evening at the same place. You’ll be sharing the journey with a small number of people along a number of connected themes; Who am I? What do I really want? What am I truly capable of? What am I doing here? And what next? The journey to your success has started.

What you'll be doing

From Monday to Friday each day will begin with a short warm up activity rewarded by a fresh French breakfast. Following that, each day comprises two individual coaching sessions, two small group sessions and a creative session with the whole group. You will receive a personal psychometric profile which will enhance your personal insight into yourself and help you understand the environments in which you flourish. Each session will be guided by one of four experienced coaches. We will enjoy lunch and dinner together and will also take time out to enjoy wine tasting one afternoon. You will conclude the week energised, inspired, with direction, a clear goal and a personal plan of how to achieve it. But the journey doesn’t end there; your personal coach will monitor and support your progress after this event.

Before you begin this journey your coach will talk to you about your expectations and agree how you will work together and we’ll ask you to do a small amount of work prior to your departure for France.

Topics you'll cover


After coming home there is still a lot to be done by you, before you are actually on your way to a new future. It is possible that you need some more help at this stage. The personal coach, who will monitor and support your progress after this event, can provide you with advice on how to pursue. Specific coaching, interview training, help with starting your own business, it can all be done. However, because we expect the needs to differentiate vastly for each person, this kind of follow-up is not included in the fixed price of this programme.


This total package costs £3950 per person. This includes facilitation and coaching, all professional tools, your return trip to London, and your accommodation, including all meals and drinks.

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Kaart L'Isle - Loire

The programme takes place at L’Isle. L’Isle is a holiday estate in the Loire valley, 280 km south-west of Paris. This region is called Anjou and is known for its vineyards.

The estate covers 1.6 hectares which is bordered by a small river. The grounds are home to countless fruit trees and rose bushes, two large grassed areas, a pond, a boules pitch and an impressive beach volleyball court. With a bit of luck you’ll also see deer around the grounds.

The buildings themselves are a very old farm, built in the traditional style and renovated and modernised without sacrificing any of the original character and charm. The walls are half a metre thick, constructed of tufa, with oak-beamed ceilings. Central heating throughout and the renovated and insulated slate roof means the house is pleasantly cool in the summer and warm in the winter, whilst the convenience of the modern features ensures your comfort.

The whole estate is rented for this programme. Every participant has his or her own bedroom, if wanted, and there are plenty of spaces available for quiet conversations, group activities and reflection.

More information

Are you interested and do you need more detailed information?, please don't hesitate to contact us:

Sue Alderson
info [apestaart] azure-consulting [punt]
T: +44 1924 385 600
Juul Mulder
juul [apestaart] juulunlimited [punt] nl
T: +31 6 10 94 65 64

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Azure Consulting provides people-based consultancy and coaching and a wide range of training and development programmes, all designed to ‘Improving Leadership Performance Through Inspiration’.

Juul Unlimited & Be Ready for Change help organisations and individuals with organisational development, professionalisation and change. In most cases this is an individual process, but people, processes and systems need to be integrated.

Our coaching and development programmes support and facilitate change. At the heart of many such initiatives the need to promote and help in the practical development of the leadership and management of cultural change is paramount.  This is a challenging and often long term process in which we are required to use skills of sensitivity, motivating and inspiring others, overcoming resistance and help in the development of practical methods to ensure plans become reality.  It is, however, an area in which we regularly manage to work with our clients to great effect and we are very proud of our track record in this field.

Our highly pragmatic style is well received by busy clients and individual managers as they experience immediate benefits to their organisation and their respective teams.aar menu

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Juul Mulder

juul mulderMy name is Juul Mulder. Since 2002 I work as an independent consultant in the areas of learning & development and change management. I do so with my own company called Juul Unlimited. I conduct a whole range of assignments for clients such as KPMG, AstraZeneca and FloraHolland. These assignments include interim-management, management training and coaching. I am a certified Practitioner for Insights Discovery, MBTI and Human Synergistic tools. In this programme I will coach you on your personal psychometric profile. I will also take responsibility for a number of team sessions and spend a lot of time with you in our kitchen. You can expect a result-driven, practical and dynamic way of working.

Sue Alderson

sue aldersonMy name is Sue Alderson. I’m a qualified and experienced coach and facilitator and have been running my own leadership development consulting business for the last 15 years.

I work in a variety of organisations in both the public and private sector, to help individuals enhance their personal performance as well as that of their teams. I’m passionate about the value of personal reflection and coaching, and have encouraged many individuals to take responsibility for their futures and take action to achieve their goals. I am a graduate in Business Administration. I am qualified in various psychometric assessment tools such as MBTI, OPQ, the Team Management Profile and various Human Synergistics tools. I specialise in the design and development of individual and team interventions, in order to bring about required change.

Sharon Klein

sharon kleinMy name is Sharon Klein. I’m a qualified and experienced coach and facilitator and have been running my own leadership development consulting business for almost19 years now.

I enjoy working in a wide variety of sectors to learn more about the challenges within each of them but never cease to be amazed by some of the similarities of people issues faced by completely different organisations. I am continually impressed by the huge impact that effective coaching can have on individuals and the people with whom they interact. I relish the experience of helping people to really enhance their self awareness in coaching, complemented by the use a wide range of tools such as 360 degree feedback. I do not shy away from ‘holding up the mirror’ to my coaching clients to provide them with honest and valuable feedback and they regularly tell me how much this is valued.

I am a graduate in Management and am qualified in various psychometric assessment tools such as the Team Management Profile, Hay’s Emotional Competence Inventory to assess Emotional Intelligence and the Inventory of Leadership styles. I specialise in coaching individuals and teams to achieve stretching objectives (both those set for themselves and by their organisations) and to demonstrate the agility and authenticity so crucial to today’s market place.

Corinna Gillies

corinna gilliesMy name is Corinna Gillies.  I made the decision to change my life 7 years ago by moving our locks, stocks and barrels from my home town of Edinburgh, Scotland to the heart of the Loire Valley, France.  It took a little persuading of my employer, but I am now one of many "euro-commuters" who work in the UK and live in France.  I work part-time for a top global organisation as a senior consultant in learning and development and I run my own small business in France.  You can have your cake and eat it!`

I achieved my coaching certificate with distinction in 2007 and have been a Member of the Chartered Institute of Pesonnel and Development since 1992. I specialise in development centres for senior executives where a significant part of my role is helping people to understand themselves better and working with them on the creation of action plans to realise their ambitions.

Lizzy Boonen

lizzy boonenMy name is Lizzy Boonen. I received my masters degree in child education with a minor in Labour and Organizational Psychology. After having worked as an HR advisor for different international companies, I started working as a recruitment professional. I received my degree in Creative Career Counselling after which I started my own practice as a professional coach and career counsellor. In my work I look for the best match between person  and organization. Many issues can arise, which make it hard to make a choice on your own for your future. I ask simple questions which have a deep impact. My vision: Know what you are worth.
In this programme I make use of my sense of humour, respect, depth and enthusiasm to help you find your way.

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