Destination New



What is success?

You’re at a crossroads in your career. You have or had a great job. You know you perform well but you feel it might be time for something new. But what? And how to decide? What do you really want to do and how much more are you capable of achieving? You want to find your way to your future, and as quickly as possible.


We offer a programme that enables you to find the correct path quickly and effectively. You will be away from home for a week, away from your normal environment and its pressures. You’ll be in the French countryside undertaking intensive personal work as well as enjoying diverse activities and fun moments. Four experienced and accredited coaches will guide and challenge you alongside a maximum of five other participants.

The programme begins on Sunday afternoon at London St. Pancras and ends on Friday evening at the same place. You’ll be sharing the journey with a small number of people along a number of connected themes; Who am I? What do I really want? What am I truly capable of? What am I doing here? And what next? The journey to your success has started.

What you'll be doing

From Monday to Friday each day will begin with a short warm up activity rewarded by a fresh French breakfast. Following that, each day comprises two individual coaching sessions, two small group sessions and a creative session with the whole group. You will receive a personal psychometric profile which will enhance your personal insight into yourself and help you understand the environments in which you flourish. Each session will be guided by one of four experienced coaches. We will enjoy lunch and dinner together and will also take time out to enjoy wine tasting one afternoon. You will conclude the week energised, inspired, with direction, a clear goal and a personal plan of how to achieve it. But the journey doesn’t end there; your personal coach will monitor and support your progress after this event.

Before you begin this journey your coach will talk to you about your expectations and agree how you will work together and we’ll ask you to do a small amount of work prior to your departure for France.

Topics you'll cover


After coming home there is still a lot to be done by you, before you are actually on your way to a new future. It is possible that you need some more help at this stage. The personal coach, who will monitor and support your progress after this eve